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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best raw pet food for my cat or dog?

No one food is best for all pets in all situations.

Check the ingredient lists to make sure the formulas you’re considering don’t have anything you know your pet might be sensitive to.

The best food is the one that your pet enjoys, that sits well with them, and that delivers a complete and balanced nutrition.

Can I switch between different raw foods?

Yes. Many of us practice a “rotational diet”, regularly switching between proteins within a brand, or even between different brands.

Offering different formulas can help alleviate boredom with some pets.

And rotating through ingredients provides a much greater range of nutrition that just feeding the same thing all the time.

Every pet responds differently to different formulas, but many pets can easily move from one raw formula to another without any difficulty.

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

No. We deliver your raw food order in insulated packaging with frozen gel packs to ensure they’ll stay frozen for hours during delivery and on your doorstep.

You'll get real-time status reports when we’re on our way, and again once we’ve made the delivery. 

But remember, different foods thaw at different rates, so be sure to put your order in your home freezer as soon as you unpack it!

What if you’re out of the food I normally buy?

We receive shipments of most products from our distributors every week. 

Availability from the makers can vary, though, due to shortages of ingredients, transportation delays, etc.

That’s another good reason to consider a “rotational diet” in your pet’s menu, so that there’s always something you can offer that your pet will find satisfying.

If you'd like to be notified when a product is back in stock, drop us a message here: CONTACT US

Can I set up an automatic delivery schedule?

Not yet. Though we plan to offer this service in the future, right now we don’t offer a recurring delivery subscription.

But remember, if you find yourself running short on food we provide same-day delivery, 7 days-a-week, for all items in stock when you order before 3pm.

Can I pay for the delivery if my order doesn’t meet the $49 minimum?

No. At this time, our system doesn’t allow for any additional charges beyond the pet food you buy.

But frozen food will remain safe and feedable in your freezer for months, so if you have the space, go ahead and stock-up to enjoy the free delivery!

Can I pay extra for delivery if my address is outside of your delivery zones?

No. Our drivers are on a tight schedule to guarantee same-day delivery service to customers in our delivery area.

But connect with us on Facebook and stay-tuned for expanded delivery service down the road!

Do you ship frozen food?

No. We provide delivery service only to addresses inside our 15 ZIP-code delivery zone.

What if my pet doesn’t like the food?

We want you (and your pet!) to be happy with the products we deliver.

If your pet isn’t happy with the food, then we’ll be happy to make an exchange or refund on any order.

Unfortunately, we can not dispatch any drivers to pick up a return order. But you can return it to our retail store, Pet People of Los Gatos, 514 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, for an exchange or refund.

For details on our return policy or more information, check out SHIPPING & RETURNS, or contact us at [email protected]

Who is that little dog in the logo?

That’s our company mascot, Dorothy!

She’s a Border Terrier who’s been raw-fed since she was a puppy, and enjoys a healthy and active life with her two Great Dane housemates, Praia and Henry.

All of them thrive on many of the terrific raw foods we feature here at RawesomePaws!





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